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Our Sustainable + Ethical Code of Conduct


It’s important to us that we partner with fashion brands and business owners that meet our sustainability and ethical values. Each brand on Shopwise has been thoroughly vetted by our team to ensure that when you shop, you can rely on garments and accessories by designers that are made with sustainability and ethical production at the core of their business.

Each brand must commit to a minimum of three methods from the following requirements.

The majority of our brand partners commit to 5-7 practices.

1. Sustainable fabrics or materials

The use of sustainable fabrics in production; such as natural fabrics, biodegradable, GOTS certified, etc.

2. Deadstock or upcycled materials

The use of materials or fabrics that are unsold or discarded and then used in production.

3. Recycled fabrics and materials

The use of second-hand or previously owned materials , produced into new products.

4. Minimizing fabric waste

Designing and products products in a way that reduces waste, and incorporates waste into products.

5. Local production

Sourcing materials and producing locally to where you sell.


6. Carbon offsetting

Compensating to funds that reduce GHG emissions arising from production.


7. Eco-friendly packaging

The use of packaging materials to deliver products in a more sustainable method. This is mandatory.

8. Fairtrade certified

Working to end garment worker exploitation and access to ethical working conditions.


9. Slow-batch production

Designing, creating and producing garments & accessories for quality and longevity.


10. Certifications

Visit our Designers for brand-specific applicable sustainable & ethical certifications.

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