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Our story

Think about the clothes in your closet... Have you ever thought about where they came from and who made them?

As a society, we’ve disconnected ourselves from the things we own and how products are made. As a result, the fashion industry has a detrimental impact on the planet and people who produce our clothing. Yet, there are so many designers, business owners, and slow-fashion makers that are choosing sustainability and ethics at the core of their business.

Shopwise believes you don’t have to sacrifice style while being a conscious consumer. Our mission is to provide you with clothing options that are stylish, comfortable, and sustainable.

We're for shopping with intention, wearing things that make you feel wonderful, and supporting clothing brands creating environmentally-friendly options.

This site was created to make it easier for you to find clothing options that don’t further harm the planet or people who make our clothing. Shopwise brings together a diverse range of fashion and accessory brands, with the shared values of sustainability and ethical production.

Wardrobe Stylist, Jaclyn Patterson created Shopwise with her passion to advocate for a better fashion industry. She’s been styling for over 7 years now and helps people find joy, simplicity, and confidence through their wardrobe.

We are based out of Toronto, Canada. Thank you for supporting us, the designers and the people behind the brands on our site! - Shopwise