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Living free from plastics, metals... and conformity.

Each fabric, button and stitch in the SteMargScot heritage coat tells stories of the passion, craftsmanship, materials and sustainable methods that honour the Earth ... a story we now share with you.

SteMargScot [seynt-mahrg-skot] is the world’s first gender-inclusive outerwear company with a free-from plastics and free-from-metals ethos, made with love in Canada. 

Founded by Sasha Jardine, a Caribbean-born, colour-obsessed, winter-intolerant, science nerd, they are on a mission to empower you to unapologetically wear colour and break from the sea of unsustainable ubiquitous winter coat styles.

They design iconic vintage-inspired heritage coats that are handcrafted and tell stories of farm-to-closet fashion. Grounded in a passion for protecting our planet, our purpose is to brighten your winters with endless colour and style.

Sustainable practices: The use of more sustainable fabrics, minimizing resource waste in production, fair-trade practices, and slow-batch production timeline. responsible employment. 


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