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Wildflo Studio

Wildflo Studio is a Toronto-based loungewear brand. They make basics using GOTS-certified organic cotton, in small batches and by an ethical production process.

They know you care about what you wear, just as much as what goes into how your clothes are made. From the fabrics used, to the packaging used to ship your items, everything that went into bringing you these garments was done consciously. All of Wildflo Studio's pieces are made with organic fabrics, in small batches, and by an ethical production process.

They do not claim to be the MOST sustainable option. Wildflo Studio believes there are many other more sustainable options such as wearing clothes you already own, thrifting, swapping, mending, and upcycling.

Choose Wildflo Studio when you want to invest in quality, timeless basics made with sustainability in mind. 

Sustainable practices:  GOTS-certified organic cotton fabrics, local production to where they sell, the use of more sustainable fabrics, minimizing resource waste in production, fair-trade practices, slow-batch production timeline, timeless design.