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this is willow

this is willow was created with the fashion-forward and environmentally conscious woman in mind. this is willow is a modern brand that creates high-quality garments made for the creative and eco-friendly consumer. 

A Canadian brand based out of Toronto, this is willow is committed to creating beautiful, ethical, and sustainably made clothing for an effortlessly sophisticated look.

Their clothes are designed for a flexible fit. This means that their dresses fit a variety of body types. They can fit during the first one-two trimesters of pregnancy, and comfortably after birth. 

They made this design decision to make sure their designs can be truly timeless. Made to last, and made to fit you through life's stages. 

Sustainable practices: Slow-batch production, small collections, use of EcoVero and deadstock material, designed for longevity, fair wages, produced local to where selling. 

Founder Lynda O'Malley wanted to start something that could change the world for the better. To put care for the environment, care for the human and non-human world alike at the centre. To use this care as the compass to guide and build upon. this is willow is a brand committed to ethical and sustainable practices - including the use of deadstock and sustainably sourced fabrics from natural fibres, such as EcoVero and linen.

this is willow is for the women that want timeless, flattering designs, that are crafted with care and with those who will inherit this earth in mind. Creating one of a kind designs and producing in small batches, means your piece is not only classic, but uniquely made for you.

this is willow is inspired by Lynda's daughters, Willow and Aya. This is their world to inherit, this is willow is for them and our earth's future.