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Brave Soles

Established in 2017, Brave Soles is a footwear and accessory brand that is changing the planet one upcycled tire at a time. They believe that through socially conscious and ethical business decisions we can change the perception of fashion and what it means to be proud to represent a cause through consumer choices. Since they launched, Brave Soles has upcycled over 2,500 tires!! 

All Brave Soles products are handmade in the Dominican Republic by highly skilled artisans using local resources. Their founder, Christal Earle has spent years in the Dominican Republic working with vulnerable communities in the landfills and hearing their stories. These experiences are what inspired Christal to found Brave Soles and find a solution - providing these people with the opportunity to create enterprise, while also eliminating waste through upcycling of reclaimed materials.

Sustainable practices: The use of more sustainable fabrics, recycled fabrics, deadstock fabrics, upcycled materials, minimizing resource waste in production, carbon offsetting, fair-trade practices, slow-batch production timeline.