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MAS Montreal

MAS Montreal is on a mission to deconstruct beauty standards by advocating the reappropriation of a healthy body image. Founded and designed by Mckenna Bisson, MAS brings this mission to life by offering you easy-to-wear pieces that makes you feel good about yourself without any compromise.They believe that feeling good in your body starts with well-adjusted clothes. Each and every body is unique and they are always working to develop designs that serve and highlight those unique features.
MAS fabrics are chosen with the same intention, only using fabrics that allow you to feel comfortable throughout your busy day.
From the very beginning, it was essential to us that everything was locally made, to always make sure that anyone working on the collection has good conditions. Furthermore, their collections are based on eco-friendly materials such as Bamboo and Lyocell. These fabrics allow MAS products to be one step closer to complete sustainable production.

MAS Montreal believes anyone should be free to express their style regardless the current unattainable industry standards.  Browse their collection below. 

Sustainable practices: : slow production process, produces locally to selling, prioritizing sustainable fabrics.