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Conscious, timeless clothing ethically made in Montréal Canada est. 2013. Founded by designer, Dorsa Babaei, having been born in Iran, cultivated in India and studying Haute Couture at an esteemed French fashion school in Dubai UAE. From its early origins in Dubai, dorsaLi has been incubating quietly for seven years, and now she has her roots set in Montreal,

dorsaLi brings communities, people of different backgrounds and experiences together under one clothing experience. Imagine a brand powered locally by talented laborer, creators, and collaborators by and for individuals who care for our only planet!

They represent class with a touch of creativity. They offer customers the choice to discover their own styles that truly make them feel unique.  They focus on timelessness and, in turn, is seasonless. dorsaLi concentrates on pieces with multifunctionality in mind, to be worn year-round.

Sustainable practices: The use of more sustainable fabrics, deadstock fabrics, upcycled materials, minimizing resource waste in production, fair-trade practices, slow-batch production timeline, responsible production made in Montreal.