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Kind Karma

Kind Karma Company employs at-risk and homeless youth in Toronto to hand-craft quality jewelry. They source all materials from reputable suppliers well established in the jewelry industry and are thus held accountable to environment, labour and safety standards that ensure people and planet are not subject to excess harm in the process of production.

And since Kind Karma jewelry is handmade and not mass-produced, our carbon footprint during production is minimal. Where possible, they use recycled materials such as 925 sterling silver and 14KT solid gold to create new pieces in the hopes of giving discarded metals new life and reducing environmental waste.


Their youths are paid hourly wages as if they were working traditional roles but "work" actually functions more like an art class; their youth are always happy and eager to come to work even if they are having a bad day. In addition, youth receive proceeds from sales to support their goals such as funding education, housing or courses. Kind Karma is also dedicated to helping youth establish healthy lifestyles and providing mentorship opportunities to our youth artisans to help them towards the futures they envision for themselves.

Sustainable practices: The use of more sustainable fabrics, recycled fabrics,  minimizing resource waste in production, fair-trade practices, and slow-batch production timeline. responsible employment, give back model.