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Ang Hill

Founded in 2018 by Edmontonian, Ang Johnson, Ang Hill is an ethical women’s clothing brand inspired by the power of femininity and the pursuit of passion. Ever since she was a little girl, it was Ang’s dream to become a fashion designer. 

She realized that she would always reach for the same staple pieces in her closet - ones that were soft and cozy, versatile, high quality, and comfortable. So she thought why not create an entire collection of pieces like this.

She takes the guesswork out of fashion by creating a collection of pieces that are easy to style without compromising comfort + style.

Ang's ultimate vision is to create an entire capsule wardrobe of the coziest pieces for you that can easily be mix and matched to create gorgeous outfits.

Each garment embodies both outer beauty and inner love, reflecting our belief in empowering women to feel beautiful. With a focus on compassion and community, we honour the incredible women who have supported us by naming each piece after one of them.

Sustainable practices: slow fashion production, prioritizing sustainable materials, ethical production, reducing textile waste.