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TRUVAI is a woman-owned canadian brand founded by jenny lillian, a mother of three who is behind every aspect of the brand — design, photography, website + socials, packaging & everything in-between.

TRUVAI began as a vision to create a socially conscious brand that would embrace the essence of slow fashion — ensuring every piece was handmade in micro batches to minimize waste & designed with a timeless aesthetic that would transcend fleeting trends.

With a focus on having a positive social impact while using socially conscious materials, Founder, Jenny Lillian, works with artisans who use traditional handmade techniques & locally sourced materials — they use materials that are recycled + upcycled whenever possible & endeavour to support small-scale artisanal miners & farmers.

"TRUVAI jewellery is meticulously handmade in micro batches & designed with a timeless aesthetic that transcends fleeting trends. at the core of each collection is a focus on the maximum positive social impact that can be made while using environmentally conscious materials. from ensuring our artisan groups are able to honour their traditional handmade techniques & support their families, to using locally sourced sustainable materials that help support communities — each collection is designed with purpose.”

— jenny lillian, founder & designer

Sustainable practices: The use of more sustainable fabrics, recycled + upcycled fabrics,  minimizing resource waste in production, fair-trade practices, and slow-batch production timeline, responsible employment.