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Cocoa Figgy

Mini dresses for everyone. Made as ethically as possible, in Canada.

Based in Kelowna, BC, Canada, Cocoa Figgy is an independent clothing design and production studio focusing on simple, colorful pieces that feel good. Their specialty is the mini dress. Cocoa Figgy dresses are dreamed up and made in the Okanagan Valley, by a tight-knit team of women, with the utmost care going into every step of the process.
*They stand firmly against beauty culture and the cycle of harm it perpetuates.*
*They advocate for clear, specific language in the pursuit of ethical clothing production.*
*They support the DEFASHION movement.*

About the Designer 
Meriah Muller-Zyp was born and raised in the Okanagan Valley, at the foot of the Monashee Mountains, but spent much of her adult life abroad. She returned to Canada with her husband and children in 2014 and found her way back home to the Okanagan, where she first experimented with designing clothes as a child.
She works to dismantle the exclusive, disconnected nature of the current fashion system and build more joyful, just alternatives.

Sustainable practices: Slow design process and timeless design, made to order, natural fabric. 

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