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Building a more sustainable and fair future

June 29, 2021 0 Comments

Building a more sustainable and fair future

We're on a mission to build a more sustainable and ethical fashion industry. 

The current fast fashion-dominated industry exploits garment workers while encouraging consumers to purchase low-quality clothes quickly and often, contributing to an overwhelming amount of waste and environmental impact from the fast-fashion industry.⁠

Did you know: 

  • Globally, we consume 80 Billion new garments every year. [The True Cost] ⁠
  • 93% of brands surveyed by the Fashion Checker aren't paying garment workers a living wage. [Good On You]⁠
  • The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of annual global greenhouse gas emissions, expected to surge to 50% by 2030. [UNEP] 

So many of us are looking to become more sustainable through our purchases, but don't always know where to find the best options. Sound familiar?

Shopwise was created through our values of sustainable and ethical fashion in efforts to better our world. Our Founder, Jaclyn is both a Wardrobe Stylist and Environmental Activist, and launched Shopwise after seeing firsthand the rise of sustainable + slow fashion brands, and people like you not being able to easily find them. ⁠

There are SO many amazing brands globally that prioritize sustainability and ethical production - and we're passionate to bring them forward to you! ⁠ We do the research for you, so you can easily shop responsibly. 

Each time you purchase from our site, you are supporting a small business owner, environmentally-conscious brand, and voting with your dollar for a better fashion future. ⁠

Through our blog, we aim to create community and education around sustainable living, and how we can collectively create a more sustainable fashion future. Thanks for being here, apart of this journey with us. For your support, encouragement to us and the brands behind our site. 🍃⁠

- Team Shopwise xx