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Shopwise: Greenwashing within Conscious Consumerism



Greenwashing is taking over the fashion industry! With the rise of sustainability as a buzzword, and more brands emerging as eco-alternatives, how can we identify which fashion brands actually care about both people and the planet?

It’s become more difficult for people like you and me to discover which brands they can trust, and fashion business owners are struggling to compete with big brands claiming they care about how and who makes their clothes.

Join us, Shopwise as we chat with three guest industry experts and conscious-fashion advocates on navigating greenwashing as conscious consumers and slow-fashion advocates.

This LIVE event will include:
  • Greenwashing explained
  • Navigating how to shop more consciously and identifying greenwashing red flags
  • How to compete with big brand marketing as a small sustainable business owner
  • The future of fashion
  • Creating a more fair and sustainable industry
  • Q&A with our guests

Meet our incredible panel of guests:
  • Lara Pizzato, CMO at Green Story
  • Adila Cokar, Founder of The Good Tee, Author, Source My Garment
  • Elise Epp, Country Coordinator of Fashion Revolution
Moderated by Jaclyn Patterson, Founder of Shopwise and Sustainable Wardrobe Stylist.

Join us live on October 21, from 1-2pm EST.  You'll be send the video link before the event start time. 

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*psss this event is free admission. We believe educational information and events should be accessible to everyone.