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Shell Print Scarf

Lights of all


Light weight scarf with prints of various shells. 

Here's a little light scarf to brighten any outfit this summer! Our Baby Scallop top leaves a lot of extra fabric while cutting, so I thought it was perfect for making these little scarves. Printed by hand with our lovely shell print, they're the perfect accessory to brighten up your summer.

100% Oeko-tex linen
printed with water soluble ink.

Lengths vary between 194 cm & 139 cm * if you specifically want longer or shorter just let me know in your order notes * 

The Shell Print was designed and hand printed by me, and I commissioned an artist to help carve out the printing blocks for me! Shout out to Erin! 
Given the nature of hand printing, there may be some imperfections on some of the shells, be it a lighter color or some little extra spots of ink around the shell.