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A bit about the garment:

This Kimono Cardigan is a design combining mixed origins. Taking inspiration from the a kimono silhouette and combining it with a comfortable knit cardigan. You can close the kimono cardigan along the center front with dual ties, or utilize the built in belt for a more defined closed look. The fabric has a pebbly texture on the exterior and is bonded with a jersey knit on the interior for added comfort.


Textured fabric (stretchy) 
Large triangular pockets 
Kimono style neckline & silhouette
Built in belt 
Dual front tie closure
Heather Grey of Sandy colour

How it fits: 

We offer this style in two sizes as listed below

Front Length: 26" 
Sleeve Length: 30"

Front Length: 28" 
Sleeve Length: 32"

**Please note sleeve length is measured from the center back of the garment**


3 wears - $67
15 wears - $13
30 wears - $6.50