20 Sustainability Focused Brands ➡️ One Checkout

Join our expert industry panel as we discuss how to navigate greenwashing as conscious consumers or business owners making a difference.
Date: October 21
Time: 1-2pm est
Location: Zoom

About this event

Greenwashing is taking over the fashion industry! With the rise of sustainability as a buzzword, and more brands emerging as eco-alternatives, how can we identify which fashion brands actually care about both people and the planet?

It’s become more difficult for people like you and me to discover which brands they can trust, and fashion business owners are struggling to compete with big brands claiming they care about how and who makes their clothes.

Join us, Shopwise as we chat with three guest industry experts and conscious-fashion activists on navigating greenwashing as conscious consumers and slow-fashion advocates.

This LIVE event will include:

  • Greenwashing explained
  • Navigating how to shop more consciously and identify greenwashing amongst the marketing chaos
  • How to compete with big brand marketing as a small sustainable business
  • The future of fashion
  • Creating a more fair and sustainable industry
  • Q&A with our guests

Meet our incredible guests:

Lara Pizzato is the CMO at Green Story, a sustainability solution for measuring and communicating the environmental impact of products and offsetting their carbon footprint. She is also a startup mentor at Fashion for Good Accelerator and the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership.

Adila Cokar, is a media-acclaimed, award-winning serial entrepreneur, and Author of Source My Garment – The Insider’s Guide to Responsible Offshore Manufacturing ( 2019). She is also the founder for the B Corporation and Fair Trade certified, organic cotton, brand The Good Tee. She has over a decade of experience working closely with offshore factories and partnering with and building businesses within the fashion industry. Her expertise includes sustainable product development, offshore manufacturing processes, end-to-end management, and business strategy. Adila holds a degree in Fashion Design and Technology and has been featured in Apparel Magazine, Sourcing Journal, Women’ Wear Daily, Just-Style.com, and more. In 2020 she launched The Good Tee, a fully transparent and Fairtrade cotton certified basics brand with a mission to celebrate the maker and humanize the apparel industry.

Elise Epp, Country Coordinator of Fashion Revolution Canada. Elise learned to sew from her mother. She learned about the power of a good outfit from What Not to Wear's Stacy and Clinton. And when Rana Plaza collapsed in 2013, she learned how the clothes we wear impact people and the planet.In 2015, Elise made the commitment to only buy ethical clothing or make her own. Since then, she has become a vocal supporter of slow fashion, an enthusiastic researcher and communicator, and the go-to source for friends trying to find ethical clothing.She has been a guest speaker at the University of Alberta, Manhattan College, and the World Circular Economic Forum, and in 2020 Elise was named a CBC Manitoba Future 40. She now leads Fashion Revolution’s efforts in Canada as Country Coordinator.

This event is moderated by Jaclyn Patterson, the Founder of Shopwise and Sustainable Wardrobe Stylist. Jaclyn is on a mission to build a more fair and sustainable fashion industry. In 2014 she began her work as a sustainable wardrobe stylist, helping people consciously build wardrobes they love. In 2020, Jaclyn launched Shopwise, a one-stop-shop marketplace for sustainable fashion, making it easier for people to shop smarter from 20+ purpose-driven brands that prioritize both people and planet.