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Founded by Becca Meadows, Sadelmager provides artisan handcrafted leather goods. Premium quality, sweat-shop-free, sustainably focused leather products. Becca began working with leather almost a decade ago. The daughter of a saddle maker, she began handcrafting leather as part of her father's custom tack and repair shop. She quickly learned how to pick leather and hardware based on quality, integrity, and design.

Sadelmager is environmentally sustainable, locally made, and sweat-shop-free. They choose the highest quality materials so their products can truly last a lifetime. Each piece of leather used in their products is hand-chosen for colour, weight, style, durability, and integrity. All hardware is carefully selected. The products are hand-cut, dyed, edged, and sewn by machine or hand. They keep their suppliers as local as possible, making it an emphasis to try and buy only Canadian or American materials.

All Sadelmager products come with a lifetime warranty and repairs. 

Sustainable practices: Slow-batch timeline, the use of more sustainable fabrics, minimizing waste in production, local production to where products are sold, fair-trade practices, lifetime warranty and repairs.